This late mid-season plum presents a very high level of production as a high caliber. In addition, the fruit has an extraordinary quality with a lot of aroma.

agronomic characteristics Caliber: 55/60-60/65; 120g Mid-weight
Shape: oblong, regular and symmetrical
Main coloration: Garnet over 95%
Background coloration: Yellow
Flesh Coloring: Yellow
Hardness: Very good; 3, 2kg/0, 5cm2
Taste quality: Very good very sweetened 16 ° Brix. It’s a very aromatic fruit.
The skin is not acidic when eating it.
Conservation: in the study phase; At least 20 days at 2 ° C
Rubbing sensitivity: FORTUNA type

Publisher: COT INTERNACIONAL in cooperation with PEPINIERES GRARD
Variety Protection: Requested active n ° 2010/0590 deposited the 10/03/2010

Tree Bearing: Very widespread and branched type 4 (La Pugère Station, France)
Vigor: Good
Flowering Time: 2 – 3 days before TC SUN ®
Flowering: Abundant 5/5
Pollinators: N ° 5001 or BURGUNDY
Ripening time: End of August

Legal notes All data (caliber, hardness, sugar, dates, etc.) are indicated by your information; But they depend a lot on the date of harvest, the loading of the trees and the climatic conditions of the year. Protected variety. Prohibited multiplication and dissemination without the authorization of Cot International.

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