A family business

EFE Viveros del Southeast is a family company producing plant nursery, specializing in fruit trees, almonds and olives. It is supported by more than 45 years of experience with excellent results

Our facilities are seated In the northwest of the region of Murcia, area of great nurseries tradition. This geographical enclave, located at 900 meters altitude, makes the plants of our nurseries develop with a great resistance to pests, diseases, transplants, etc. Higher than those obtained in other geographical latitudes

15,000 square meters of

Today we have 15,000 square meters of modern plant cultivation facilities in greenhouse throughout the year. These greenhouses are constantly renewed to offer the best cultivation conditions in order to obtain a healthy and vigorous plant.

45 Years of

We have lived with you for a lifetime, producing fruit trees, almonds and olive trees in perfect geographical conditions for their development. 45 years of road with extraordinary results.

100 hectares of

We have 100 hectares for outdoor field cultivation. We have our own mother hedges, in which we select the best quality seedlings of the different varieties.

Innovation in our DNA

We find ourselves in development, incorporating new patterns and varieties according to the demand of the markets. For this we have licenses of the main breeders firms, such as PSB, barley-CSIC, COT International, and those represented by Geslive.

At the same time, we offer our clients total information and technical advice related to plantations. From the selection of the varieties to plant, the work of planting, irrigation, fertilizing and fertilization, as the post-sale services.

Viveros del Southeast is the only private company that has participated together with the public orgnanismo barley-CSIC in the project MARS (Market assisted Ressistance of Sharka), which aims at the development of molecular markers associated with the resistance Dela Sharka In the apricot and diffusion of the new resistant varieties. It has been coordinated by the Bordeaux INRA, France, and includes 17 research bodies and companies from 8 countries (Bulgaria, France, Italy, Spain, Greece, Czech Republic, Romania and Turkey


Innovation needs experience and dedication

We support more than 45 years of experience in the sector, but we continue to work and innovate daily to remain a reference in the sector and offer our customers highly efficient products with a great capacity to adapt to the terrain. We are one of the few private companies that work with various public bodies in the study of the improvement of varieties in various aspects, among them in the improvement of the resistance to certain diseases.

  • Experience
  • Innovation
  • Dedication

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