This variety Matures 3 to 4 weeks later Bergeron, with the same type of fruit. In addition, agronomic suscaracteres at this time are very interesting: productivity, self fertility, fruit qualities.

Bloom Period: Semi-late.
Flowering: Very important.
Fertility: self-fertile.

agronomic characteristics Productivity: Regular and important
Excellent resistance to fruit drop. It needs many hours of cold
Production entry: Fast
Harvest Phase: Color 6 (CTIFL).

INFO Breeder: BERGERON mutation, discovered by the Servien Brothers (France)
Variety Protection: Demand in progress N ° 2004/1539 requested on 16/08/04

Tree Porte: Semi open.
Vigor: Medium to good.
Fruiting: On all kinds of branches.

Legal notes All data (caliber, hardness, sugar, dates, etc.) are indicated by your information; But they depend a lot on the date of harvest, the loading of the trees and the climatic conditions of the year. Protected variety. Prohibited multiplication and dissemination without the authorization of Cot International.

Fruit Maturation: very late. 3 to 4 weeks after BERGERON
Caliber: 2a-3a
Shape: Round
Background Color: Orange
Overprint: 20% red
Hardness: Very good
Taste quality: good; Sugary fruit and very aromatic
Cracking resistance: important.

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